Dorothy Rice Bennett

Dorothy Rice Bennett grew up in the Midwest. She began filling spiral notebooks when she was ten years old with fanciful stories that she shared with her classmates in school. Her story heroines were women of action—they flew Navy jets, they competed in hydroplane boat races, they drove in auto races, and they raced horses as jockeys. In short, Dorothy was way ahead of her time, but little could she dream as a child that women would someday do those very things.

As an adult, Dorothy still loved writing, but her busy life in both the mental health field and in journalism commanded her time and energy. Yet writing was never forgotten and, eventually, she pushed other tasks aside and began to put words on paper. NORTH COAST was her first published novel. The characters of NORTH COAST were inspired by her own relationship with a woman several years her senior in age—a relationship that put her at peace with her own sexuality and set her finally on a path to personal fulfillment.

Dorothy’s second novel, GIRLS ON THE RUN, is also a lesbian romance and features two young women who are running from something painful and hoping to find a better life for themselves. Published in June 2016, this novel is now available in quality paperback and Kindle formats.

THE ARTEMIS ADVENTURE, Dorothy’s third novel, focuses on an ambitious eighteen-year-old girl, Kiki Rodriguez, who leaves her family home in the South Bronx in search of a more promising future. Accidentally dropped off by the gate of a women’s college in California, she begins an unexpected and amazing adventure. THE ARTEMIS ADVENTURE has just been published in October 2017 and is available online at Amazon, and Barnes and Noble, and at Outskirts Press. Bookstores on the Olympic Peninsula are also making the book available.

Dorothy is currently writing her fourth novel, set in the Pacific Northwest, and having the working title of  THE LITTLE RED BARN: An Olympic Romance.  Sparks fly when two strong but very different lesbians cross each other’s paths.